Submission Instructions:

  • Title Slide, Name and logo of Team in the first slide with the logo for Socio Camp 8 provided by us.
  • You cannot mention or provide your university name in the slides by any means. If you do then it will directly result in disqualification.
  • You need to make a folder with your team name and put the slides and the jpg file for the ID cards in it. Then zip the folder and submit.
  • Maximum number of slides is 15 (including the title slide).
  • ‘jpg’ file of university ID card of all the group members should be attached separately in the same folder while making the zip for submission.
  • Maximum Size of the Zipped folder should be 10mb.
  • Any communication material should be given within the slides limit. You must not provide any communication material separately (No TVCs or RDCs for this round).

Upload your file here

*** Upload maximum file size 10MB after zip.
*** Follow the rules and regulations provided by NSUSSC to avoid penalties and disqualifications.
*** For confirmation of your 1st round submission, please check in team leader’s email (inbox or spam). If you do not get a confirmation, please send an email to [email protected]